I was in 6th grade when the Broncos won their first Super Bowl. I was only 11 years old but the truth of the matter is I had been reppin’ the Orange and Blue from Day 1. In our household, it was everything Broncos. I can remember my dad retelling how he watched John Elway lead his team to victory during The Drive. I remember watching Steve Atwater absolutely obliterate Christian Okoye in a Monday Night Football game. I remember playing football in the backyard pretending I was Ed McCaffrey hauling in touchdown passes, falling to the ground, and then cranking my neck side to side like he always used to do.

I also remember the absolute heartbreak I felt when a top seeded Denver squad was upset by the Jaguars, an expansion team, in ’96 (I still haven’t forgiven Mark Brunell for that one). The Broncos made it to the big game the very next year, but no one considered them legit contenders considering they were huge underdogs to Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. While I was ecstatic that my team was in the Super Bowl, I remember I was a nervous wreck the entire two weeks leading up to the game. The game itself was no different, in fact it was probably worse because it was such a close game, but luckily I didn’t have to experience heartbreak like the year before.

Fast forward 18 years to Super Bowl 50 and it’s a strangely similar scenario: the Denver Broncos are underdogs to a polarizing quarterback leading an explosive offense. No one really had Denver winning this game and were ready to crown Cam Newton Super Bowl MVP-elect.

I guess that’s what made watching Von Miller and the Denver defense terrorize Cam Newton during SB50 was so satisfying. They went out on the field and proved to all the haters, disbelievers, and pundits that they were the better team. They may not have had the flashy numbers on offense like Carolina, but they had a team that was going to fight til the very last second and go out “kicking and screaming” like John Elway so eloquently stated earlier in the year.

It felt like a long time coming, but finally, another Lombardi Trophy belonged to the Denver Broncos. One team was able to bring an entire city, state, and fan base together and united in victory.

10:00 AM at Civic Center Park and already the crowd is going strong.

I wasn’t able to attend the previous two victory parades, but there was no way in hell I was gonna miss this one. Kayla and I took the day off and headed downtown to Civic Center Park to join in the festivities. The parade wasn’t until noon, but at 10 o’clock the parade route was already five to six people deep from the rail on both sides. I had no doubt that Broncos Country would show up in droves to cheer on their team, but I was shocked at the sheer number of people out on the streets.

Goes to show you just how much we here in the Mile High City love our team.

Congratulations to the Super Bowl 50 Champions and GO BRONCOS!!!!


















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